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2021 – The future is now

Hey folks –

It’s been over a year since I last posted anything here on this website. I navigated towards my old blog instead and only will be posting special stuff – like right now I wanted to talk about Crypto Art.

Currently I have been curating a collection that I will be selling online as a NFT to help with the efforts of raising money for the game development aspects of Dark Zeta.

It’s been since 2011 that I started this endeavour in making a game series based of my idea I have been formulating since 1998. The art below I made back in 2016 to do that very same thing – to fund my game project. It has been really hard to do so all these years and I feel like this is another opportunity to make it happen.

DZC project

This is only the beginning – I’m working on posting advanced crypto art works later when I can get some more time to do so. I currently work at the liquor store, holding my head up above water – making 20k a year and barely making it alive. I hope though that you’ll see my efforts in trying at least. The art above are real early models rendered in real-time for the advanced 3D game project I’ve been working on in parallel after Dark Zeta One. DZ1 is the precursor to the main attraction that is DARK ZETA Chronicles (tentative name). With the funds, I’ll be able to finally break free from the shackles of slavery and focus 100% development of the whole DZ project again. The demo for DZ1 you can find here –>>>

The website is being redone as well (since 2019) and will feature all the dev updates that’s been happening in the last year and a half. Currently those pages aren’t published to the public yet but are available online for a select few.

Please help my cause! You can see -here- the many folks who have helped me work on this project and many more do so now! By investing in me you’ll be helping many artist out, not just me. So hopefully I can finish this project up before this new decade ends with this new opportunity.

Thank you for taking the time and I hope you’ll be able to visit again!