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Welcome to GerardoLegend

Where my main personal center that connects all my blogs of ideas and development are showcased.

Your Support will mean the world to me 🙏

Please support me by buying my art on t-shirts and many other forms and mediums!

Help my cause

I create many different art works, help folks with creating websites, business cards, and such. Please support me on Ko-Fi as I’ll have many different works available to you in exchange.


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Tribus Fabula Project

This is where you’ll find everything about the Twitter RPG project that goes in-depth with the dev blog.


DARK ZETA dev blog

This is the Dark Zeta dev blog page (still unavailable until further noticed)

Gerardo personal blog cover

GerardoLegend Main dev Blog

This is my personal main blog where I record my progress with many things, including creative stuff and thought processes in getting through life.

Mariolegend Media Project

This is where my html5 games will be listed as well as my online store items and animation & media will be published


Twitter micro blog posts

Keep checking back!

Follow me on twitter and keep checking back on my updates as I get closer to completion in my many different projects I post throughout my life.

The Wonder of PlayTime

Gaming therapy

I, Gerardo, try to keep things going. I play video games as well (as many do these days). If you are interested in playing together – let me know! 

My Current Game List-

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

I play this when I’m summoned to an online group play (usually Twitter friends) and I usually stream it on twitter or twitch for fun.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This is my new default game where I go back and chill and do play in a very chill state with it. Friends are always welcome to visit my island.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

I welcome you to cross-play with me and check out my world. 

Super Mario Maker 2

I also make levels for folks to play. I invite you to my many challenges and also I’m open to play your levels as well.

Super Mario Kart 8 DX

I’m game, just hit me up online anytime when I’m awake. I’m usually busy but please try and give me 8 hour heads up if you do!