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Hey folks!

Here is a quick update on what’s happening:

Dark Alpha - DARK ZETA Chronicles

So far I’ve updated my patreon page~

My game project, DARK ZETA!

I also been on my twitter pushing/retweeting my fellow brother’s awesome indie game progress tweets out; ReTweeting for my dev frands. I am also doing updates in my game progress sheet as recently my music composer have finished up work on two tracks for the game. Pretty much I’m doing the little things first and twirling my way towards artwork after all the updates are set.

Project progress sheet

Another big news is that i got my ticket for PAX EAST 2019! It will be in March when that happens so I have plenty of time to work on my many projects and get something done by then. I will definitely have some sort of preview to share when I get there on the floor on my tablet. I will try to get all the tickets though, as I reserved my spot for Friday. Second hand sales are tough and expensive to get afterwards but I’ll definitely will be ready to get them as I work my butt off the next 130 days before the show.

Another note here i like to share that’s relative to my previous post is that I’ve been controlling my bad habits. The first step in getting better is to admit there is a problem. That’s why I write about it so that it’s out there and can be worked on. People, you definitely know no one is fucking perfect, so why fake yourself if that problem will surface and break you down all on it’s own? That’s why I fucking write about everything that needs to be looked into. So since I did, I feel much better and in control.

Now to spill another secret ~

I did an irresponsible financial act by giving into buying a video game console. Which one? The Nintendo Switch. Why? Because of Smash Bros Ultimate. With the paycheck I got last week on Thursday, I used half of it to get my reservation I placed 1 month prior. I felt regret by buying it but not anymore. It’s something I was subconsciously planning on getting since the first announcement of the Switch, but it got really hard to resist when the game, Super Smash Bros, was shown online. The last preview really nailed it and sold me on it. So without any resistance i just went dive into it. My family members yet don’t know of this act. I plan on getting my next paycheck (within a week from now), to pay my dues. Regardless to say, I feel like “god” intervened and rescued my ass this time, again. Mysteriously a quarter of the power bill was covered and my brother helped on paying the gas and water bill, which basically was not even that bad at all.

I guess the clouds parted for me in this instance. VERY ODD I might say. I acted selfishly in this and feel like shit about it, but somehow i got away with it. I felt buyers remorse and really thought about re-selling my unit on ebay But a friend convinced me not to. Getting anything in these conditions is bittersweet. Then I had a meeting with my siblings and my brother fully backs me in my pursuit of my gaming venture, yet he doesn’t know of my possession. The Nintendo Switch is not just a mere toy to personally play, it’s the tool of power that I have to connect with my twitter amigos and the world. This means I will use it to set a new chapter in my online presence to livestream and also hope to profit from it as well in the future with other plans. This also means I have set schemes to upload game reviews and plays on my youtube channel, so having a Nintendo Switch will help me follow trends online and be on top of things gaming wise. I also feel better that I am back into playing a new Nintendo product. Unfortunately rumors are swirling that a new version is coming out next year.

Anyway, all of this sounds like a lot of work, which it is, but I will take it one step at a time. So the full reveal of me playing the switch won’t happen until I feel I have at least redeemed myself, in which I hope is before thanksgiving.

Until then, I will be working really hard.

Thank you for reading! Hope to see you later!