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Hey guys!

It’s been FOREVER since my last update here. I’ve been going through a whole lot of things in my life that had taken my concentration away from my goals and writing about it. Today I stand anew in the scorpio season from a rough depression I had in August.

Many who have been following me on twitter can see my micro stories I’ve been posting about my game project Dark Zeta. I also recently added an entry on the game’s devBlog that extensively says why I was gone for so long and my restarting of the project due to not having my co-creator partner with me anymore.

I’ve also been really trying to get better financially to match up with my project and life. In October I had to pause the DZ dev to help out an awesome group of friends to develop a quick game for the Unreal Game Jam. That experience was the best and made me think about really trying to get a team for my own stuff. Frustratingly that can’t be the case now since I need funds to go all out with a team on the project.

Now coming to last week, I spent a beautiful time with a wonderful pair of souls who brought insight on how wonderful life is outside the office. I was so focused that I forgot the world existed until they came.

But now!! Time to finish up on what I’ve started. The focus currently is getting the funds, thus I’m open for freelancing in multimedia (3d modeling, advert animation, motion graphics, video editing). I’m gonna be organizing my portfolio and adding it here.

Alright, that is all for now. Thank you for checking out my site!