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Hello guys!

That took me 4 hours to put together, 22 hours to learn how to do that. And yes I didn’t sleep until I had it done. The music is original from @HardProSound excellent epic talent! This kind of quality I offer right now to anyone who wants an intro for their youtube channel, game, blog, show, animation, or video of any kind. I’m available this season!

One thing is for sure is that literally 2 and a half weeks from the 16th, things got really tough for me now. Currently I am available for freelance gigs doing the following:

Web design, Fan Art, advertising animations (gif, video), videography, motion graphics, 3D art for printing, 3D art for games, 3D animation and rigging, and 3D/2D environment asset creation for games or video.

Either that or simply give up on it for a very long time, in which I won’t accept that. This time I am forced away from game development once again due to lack of funds. I mean, I haven’t eaten a full course meal since thanksgiving, and I won’t be able to until I get work. It also very critical now because of the added obligation of helping to pay for important necessary bills like electricity.

So please if you have any business interest in what was mentioned, hit me up at

Please check out my portfolio here on my main site. You as well are welcome to check out my network of websites and my old portfolio page on my blog.

Thank you for your time!

Until later

PS: An alternative to getting my services on everything above, you can help me on my patreon by subscribing and becoming a patron!