Hey guys, I apologize for the wall of text again but I'm currently doing a master restart on all my web projects because is time to focus on re-imagining the whole set. The reasoning is that the last 3 years I've focused too much on the sad notes, trying to add the sense of scale in reaching goals but giving out too many negative takes on the struggles I've been going through, which is just not the direction I want to focus in my life but I don't want to talk about openly much anymore. I don't want to bring people down with my stories, instead, I want to focus on projecting my sense of gratefulness about the things that is currently in my life and share my process of making and designing my own stuff and bringing people spirits up. I will though have long periods of time in silence as I do suffer from depression, but I will only write about it in brief and keep things private going forward. I'm also trying my best to get my online business going, and I'll be very busy coming in next year.


Another thing is that I don't want to be constantly updating without having the quality I feel deem worthy to be online. I may take long making my stuff to post. but it's for the best results in keeping things in-line with consistency with quality and getting better. This is why I'm going to sit back and focus on content creation building, then release it as a set just like a broadcasting company would. For example, creating a seasons worth of episodes, then distributing it once weekly - in that style. I will share dailies on twitter, and that's why in the next blog theme design, twitter is going to take up most of the focus on the page here for more current information.


Overall, Tribus Fabula, Mariolegend.com, DarkZeta.com, GridXross.com, Mariolegend Youtube channel and Gerardolegend Youtube channel will all restart and start anew in 2020. The launch will be determined which one will be ready first, and by then I'll announce it here.


Beautiful things are coming amigos! And I hope you guys understand and patiently await the marvels that's going to fill in the spaces here soon.

Happy Holidays and New Year 2020 to everyone! ❤️

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